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I am a dedicated,
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I'm Shaireen,

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My event planning experience roots run deep.

I came from a big family filled with cousins, aunts and uncles, at an early age, my world revolved around wedding parties big, fun family get-togethers. Working with my elders, we planned executed garden style, island wedding affairs elegant parties.

I migrated To USA in 2007 raised my family. I Started hosting family's and friends' with parties and events, realized how much I love the Art of event designing and entertaining. It gives me much joy to see my guest and clients smiling  happy. I always consider excelling in providing exceptionally personalized service and innovation

I was always inspired by family and friends that I should be an event designer and I had conflicting thoughts on whether I should move forward or not. Eventually, my son told me to "listen to your heart and follow your dreams, you are going to be successful".He helped me through the process and motivated me to start my own Blissful Dream, which I had for many years.

Apart from the world of weddings and parties, I have been immeasurably blessed with a wonderful family – my husband the four most precious gifts God gave us (our boys). I am blessed to be a wife to a husband I dearly cherish, a mom to my four heroes  a daughter to a wonderful mom. My mom is my number one support who has been there for me through rain or shine – my back bone. I can't thank god enough for blessing me with my mom.

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