Baby Naming Party Planning

A baby naming ceremony is a special event where an infant receives his or her name. In some cases, expectant parents will have parties with their loved ones to produce ideas for baby names. The ceremony may have cultural or religious significance, but for many people, it’s a time to come together and celebrate the addition of a new child.

Hire A Baby Naming Party Planner

However you want to celebrate this special event, don’t go at it alone! Choose an experienced party planner at Blissful Dream Decorators who can handle the various tasks involved in planning a successful baby naming party.

Picking A Venue

You can hold your baby naming ceremony in various locations. These include:

Your home
The home of a friend or family member
Outside in a setting such as a park
Place of worship such as a church Reception hall

Blissful Dream Decorators can provide you with other optional locations. If you want to hold the party outdoors, we can ensure a contingency plan should the weather suddenly go bad. But no matter where the party happens, you’ll need to have plenty of food and beverages.

Baby Naming Party Menu

If the ceremony has religious or cultural significance, some new parents choose to serve food items that correspond. For example, at a Jewish baby naming ceremony, the hosts might serve bagels, lox, challah, and potato pancakes. What you serve at your naming ceremony will depend on what time of day it takes place. Brunch items are always popular at events held in the morning or early afternoon, while heavy hors d’oeuvres are perfectly acceptable if the party doesn’t happen around a mealtime.

Make sure to have something sparkling to toast, since many guests will want to say something nice about you and your new addition. Blissful Dream Decorators will work with you to create a menu that is appropriate for the time of day and full of delicious foods guests can enjoy. We will also ensure every guest is included in the celebration by crafting a menu that accounts for any special dietary restrictions.

Naming Ceremony Gift Ideas

Taking along a gift for the new baby is always appreciated. Clothing, blankets, diapers, toys, and other necessities are usually helpful. If guests would rather give something to the new parents, they may consider bringing something to help them relax, such as bubble bath toiletries, a gift certificate for a massage or a meal out, or an offer to baby-sit the child so the parents can enjoy a date night.

Giving favors to your guests at a baby naming party is also a pleasant touch. Naming ceremony ideas for favors can include:

Plan your Baby Naming Celebration with Blissful Dream Decorators.

If you need help planning your baby naming ceremony, contact Blissful Dream Decorators for assistance. Our experienced party planners have planned many baby naming parties for new parents and we can make your event one to remember.

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